Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I heart glögg

During the month of September I have been in the process relocating to Wisconsin.  Therefore, I haven't had the opportunity to do much art yet, but I did do 3 small, 6" x 6", mixed-media paintings recently.

The hearts in these paintings are based on Scandinavian woven hearts.

Glögg is a Scandinavian mulled wine which is popular around Christmastime.  

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Monday, September 2, 2013

John Cleese on creativity

Hi everyone.

I don't know if you're like me in that you like to learn about creativity.

I thought I'd post a video since I'm traveling.  I don't have a lot of art to share this week.  I hope you enjoy the video.

John Cleese - a lecture on Creativity from janalleman on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Happy September everyone!

Lately I've had a tough time focusing on reading books.  I want to be painting and that makes it hard to find time to simply read.  That's why audio books are perfect for artists.  We can do both things at the same time.

When I was over at Tracy Moore's studio making an art journal, in his class, he said that he often listens to audio books while creating his journals.

Rhomany is a wonderful artist in the UK.  I've been watching some of her YouTube videos lately.  She has great art making videos.  I especially like her vlogs.  

In watching Rhomany's You Tube channel, I find that not only does she listen to audiobooks, but she's in a reading group for artists.  At first I thought they were all doing audio books but, apparently, that bit is optional. The group she's in  is called the Artful Readers Club.   They create art related to the book they're reading too.  Brilliant idea.  

(Update 09-02-13:  I find that it is NOT too late to join them.  I hope you will check out their club.  I just joined up.  It is run by Darcy and she has left a link in the comments!)

I took Rhomany's advice and bought Joyland by Stephen King, over at Audible.

I'll make Joyland my book for September.  I agree with Rhomany in that I dislike the cover art for this book.  Since it is Stephen King, it probably won't hurt his sales!

The next three books for me will be Bonehouse, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and Yes, Chef.  I'm not sure yet in which order I will read them.  Who knows, I might read more than one per month, but I'll start with this as my goal.

In addition to making a piece of art inspired by the book, I'll write a short review of the book and post it here on my blog, along with a photo of the art.

If you have any audiobooks to recommend, please leave me a comment!  I'm always looking for suggestions. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Rhomany!

Thanks for stopping by.