Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looking for a sign?

Why make art?  That is something I can only answer from my own perspective.  I like it because it allows me to flex my creative muscles.  Sometimes, someone I know will need a sign.  I take on the challenge of making it for them.  It sort of gives a purpose to my art.  The one shown above was created for a healthcare provider.

When I make a sign for something, or someone, in particular, I get to take out some art supplies and play, within a set of parameters.  That makes my art time have a framework.  In the above example, I knew the four letters I was going to make.  S-A-L-E.  I knew it was going to have a holiday theme.  Then I worked, within those limitations, and it became more of a creative puzzle to solve than if I had sat down at the art table with no direction at all.

Interestingly, after I wrote out this idea, I opened a book by Bert Dodson.  He said almost the same thing.  He says he did not like it when he was a child and the teacher would say to draw whatever you want.  His mind came up blank.  He prefers some constraints because those will activate the imagination.  That was my feeling about it as well!  The book is called Keys to Drawing with Imagination.  I just started it, but I can already tell it is going to be good.

If I am working at a job I love, I am much more apt to make pretty signs for my workplace.  Just because.  I'm feeling happy and I am in the zone.

With this piece I made the times on separate pieces so they could be changed to accommodate the changeable hours of the cafe.  The arrow points to the cafe entrance.

Next time you hear someone say they could really use a sign for this or that, seize the opportunity to make some art for them.

If you need or want an art sign, leave me a comment.  They are affordable!  I obviously love to make them.  I especially like making signs for small, independent, businesses.  Little cafes, health food stores, juice bars, bookstores, taverns, tea shops, etc.  I can do many different languages (with your help) and I can ship worldwide.  I would love the opportunity.

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